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Robofeed A is a family of robotic cells for the loading/unloading of unstackable workpieces and small/medium sized shafts.

Available with drawers that can be completely extracted from the island and interchanged or fixed, with double bay, integrated in the structure.

Immediate monitoring of production progress thanks to LED indicators on the machine side.

Quick installation and configuration, as well as its compact size allow it to integrate perfectly into the workshop

Compact plug & play robotic solutions

The most compact plug & play robotic solutions for servicing CNC machines

The research and development department of Assis-tec has developed an effective fully automated solution for the enslavement of machine tools. Fanuc efficiency and reliability is the basis of our Robofeed machines.

The robot has a minimum footprint of 1.3 square meters of floor space and offers an operational availability of up to 24 drawers.

The degree of automation of the entire production line can be improved by combining several robots in different stages of the production process.

With fixed or removable drawer

Optional accessories available


(*indicative data to be verified according to the model selected)


  • Type of warehouse Movimentabile con transpallet
  • Number of drawers* Ad estrazione totale lato robot
  • Number of drawers* Massimo 16
  • Single drawer size 600X600 mm
  • Usable drawer height* variabile in base al nr cassetti
  • Single drawer capacity* 50 Kg
  • Storage surface variabile in base al nr cassetti
  • Installable robots
  • FANUC M10 iD/12 da 12 kg al polso e sbraccio 1441 mm
  • FANUC M20 iD/25 da 25 kg al polso e sbraccio 1831 mm
  • Total weight* 1000 Kg (escluso cassettiera)
  • Dimensions (LxPxH) 155X108X222 cm

    jaws and optional excluded