RoboFeed A20 Custom

Efficiency and Quality in the Production Process




Padova, Italy


Italtronic s.r.l. is a leading manufacturer of plastic components for the electronics industry.


The integration of a new modern CNC machine tool into a robotic cell to enhance the production process for handling two different types of workpieces.


Italtronic is a leading manufacturer of plastic components for the electronics industry. The company’s decision to integrate our RoboFeed into its machine fleet stemmed from the need to increase its market competitiveness and optimise the production efficiency of a new 5-axis CNC machine tool.

Solution: Customised RoboFeed A20

After first meeting with the customer, our Technical Team conducted an analysis that identified the RoboFeed A20 model as the most suitable solution to meet the customer’s needs.

During the feasibility analysis, it became clear that our standard RoboFeed A20 model fell short of meeting the customer’s objectives. Consequently, it was decided to customise the robotic cell by adding unique elements.

Key features of the Customised RoboFeed A20:

The RoboFeed A20 is a Plug&Play solution comprising one or more extractable tower drawers and a FANUC M10ld/12 anthropomorphic robot for servicing CNC machine tools. To further optimise production, we added several accessories that made our RoboFeed unique:

COGNEX 2800 IN-SIGHT 2D Vision Station

designed to correctly centre the workpiece in the gripper before loading it into the machine tool

COGNEX 2800 IN-SIGHT 2D Vision Station

in collaboration with the @Azzali Elettronica team, we have chosen this vision model to ensure that the operator is able to check the correct loading of the workpiece into the gripper by identifying its orientation. Working with pieces of different shapes and colours, we are also able to correctly process transparent plastic.
This 2D Vision system combines artificial intelligence (AI) with traditional rule-based vision to solve a wide range of applications, guaranteeing precise and accurate workpiece orientation.

Blowing Station with Deionisation and Brushes

useful for removing excessive electrostatic energy from workpieces post-machining and cleaning them of residual chips without dispersing them in the surrounding area.

In addition to these accessories, our technical team designed and constructed four drawer cabinets with customised jigs to accommodate the two types of workpieces. They also designed a customised robot wrist with a blowing station to remove chips from the clamping tools before loading the blank. To meet the precise needs of the customer, it was equipped with jaws and suction cups designed specifically for gripping the two types of workpieces.

The project encompassed not only the layout and creation of the robotic cell, but also the design of mechanical parts complementary to the CNC machine tool to ensure correct production of the workpieces. 

Specifically, the following components were created:

    • Two table-mounted tools consisting of zero-point interfacing vice plates and a zero-point interfacing machine table equipped with air veins connected to the control solenoid valve required for the various uses.
    • Tailstock to support the workpiece on the 4th and 5th axes of the CNC machine tool.


  • Cycle time: 70S
  • Floor space:
  • No. of drawers: 16 drawers
  • Total warehouse capacity magazzino:
  • Single drawer capacity:
  • Storage surface:
  • Machine weight:
  • Safety management: protective NET and a SICK S32 laser scanner

Conclusion: a customised success

The RoboFeed Series A20 Custom project is a tangible example of how innovation and customisation can revolutionise production processes. We are proud to have collaborated closely with Italtronic to create a tailored solution that aptly addresses the specific challenges and opportunities within their industry. If you are interested in exploring our project further or have specific questions, please get in touch with us using the form provided. Our technical team is available to discuss your needs and guide you towards a successful future in industrial automation.

The robot cell for the servicing of our 5-axis CNC machine tool represents a major step forward for our company. The benefits are operational efficiency, production quality and flexibility for different production requirements. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to RoboFeed for their fundamental collaboration in the design and realisation of this Robotized Cell. Their commitment helped make this innovation possible, which now places us at the forefront of our industry.