RoboFeed A30 Custom

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Ancona, Italy


Torneria Gambelli is a historic company from the Marche region in Italy that has been operating in the field of small turned metal parts for over three decades.


To automate workpiece loading/unloading and machining operations, which were previously carried out manually by the operator on the machine.


Torneria Gambelli is a turnery with more than 30 years of experience specialising in the production of small turned metal parts. The company’s decision to integrate our RoboFeed into its machine shop stemmed from a quest to increase its competitiveness within the market and optimise the overall efficiency of its production cycle.

Solution: Customised RoboFeed A30

After first meeting with the customer, our Technical Team conducted an analysis which identified the RoboFeed A30 model as the most suitable solution to meet the customer’s needs.

During the feasibility analysis, it became clear that our standard RoboFeed A30 model fell short of meeting the customer’s objectives. Consequently, it was decided to customise the robotic cell by adding unique elements.

Key features of the Customised RoboFeed A30:

The RoboFeed A30 is a Plug&Play solution comprising a tower magazine and a FANUC M10ld/12 anthropomorphic robot for servicing CNC machine tools.
To further optimise production, we added several accessories that made our RoboFeed unique:

Workpiece Phasing Station

Employing laser technology and an algorithm, automatic workpiece phasing was obtained to ensure precise positioning of the workpiece.

Tilting station

The inclusion of this station was crucial to enable machining on all sides of the workpiece.

Deburring station

To eliminate residual burrs after the machining process. The robot automatically moves towards the deburring station, allowing it to oversee and control the machining quality.

In addition to the design of the various stations, our mechanical design team carried out a careful analysis, which led to the development of specialised jigs to house the workpieces and to the gripping of the workpieces from the outside by the robot, resulting in a three-jaw double-wrist system with a blowing mechanism.

  • Cycle time: 1m e 15s
  • Floor space: 3100×2650
  • No. of drawers: 9 drawers
  • Total warehouse capacity magazzino: 1000 kg
  • Single drawer capacity: 150kg
  • Storage surface: 5 m2
  • Machine weight: 2000 kg
  • Safety management: protective gates and a SICK S32 laser scanner

Conclusion: a customised success

The RoboFeed Series A30 Custom project is a tangible example of how innovation and customisation can revolutionise production processes. We are proud to have collaborated closely with our customer to develop a bespoke solution that aptly addresses the specific challenges and opportunities within their sector. If you want to learn more about our project, please write to us using the form below. Our technical team is ready to answer your questions and discuss your specific requirements.

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