Pallet recirculation warehouse

with robot for servicing cnc machines

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RoboFeed S is a range of robotic cells for loading/unloading stackable parts.

The rotary pallet system can manage up to 16 stations guaranteeing considerable working autonomy.

Photoelectric barriers allow the operator to feed the production cycle in complete safety, without any interruption.
Quick installation and configuration, as well as its compact sizeallow it to integrate perfectly into the workshop.

Robotic stockers

Optional accessories available

Possible configurations

  • Number of pallets da 10 a 16
  • Pallet adjustment diameter da ø 20 mm a ø 250 mm
  • Pallet loading height 350 mm
  • Single pallet capacity da 40 Kg a 50 Kg
  • Available robots:
  • M10 iD/12 portata 12 Kg, sbraccio 1441 mm
  • M10 iD/12 portata 25 Kg, sbraccio 1831 mm

Pallet recirculation warehouse 200mm with Robot M10iD 12