RoboFeed C21 CUSTOM

Innovative and high-performing collaborative cell


mechanical engineering


Bologna, Italy


Microtools, a market leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke equipment for processing pipes and profiles. It also performs milling operations on brass components


To use a robotic cell to automate the production process of the new RoboDrill Fanuc machine tool for manufacturing brass components


Microtools, a leading manufacturer of bespoke equipment for the processing of pipes and profiles, was faced with the challenge of automating the production process of its new RoboDrill Fanuc 4-axis machine tool, aimed at improving efficiency and reducing cycle times.


After first meeting with the customer, our Technical Team conducted an in-depth analysis that identified the RoboFeed C21 model as the most suitable solution to meet the specific requirements.

During the feasibility analysis, our Technical Team identified the need to customise the RoboFeed C21 model. This customisation, pertaining particularly to the Robot, enabled Microtools to achieve its objectives, overcoming the limitations of the standard RoboFeed C20 model with a 10kg cobot.

Features of customised
RoboFeed C21:

RoboFeed C21 is a collaborative cell mounted on a mobile trolley equipped with a CRX20IA/L Fanuc Cobot for servicing CNC machine tools.

To maximise efficiency and optimise the production process, our technical team was in charge of constructing the jigs, the robot wrist and a requalification station for correctly positioning the workpiece in the RoboDrill Fanuc machine tool.

The project included not only the layout and construction of the robotic cell but also the design of mechanical parts that worked in tandem with the CNC machine tool to ensure precision machining of the workpieces. 

Specifically, the tasks carried out included


  • creation of a pneumatic tailstock to correctly support and centre the workpiece
  • supply of a commercial spindle for the RoboDrill
  • design and production of a flange that interfaces with air veins in order to control the opening and closing of the supplied spindle 

In addition to the mechanical design, our technical and software team were also responsible for: 


  • interfacing the machine tool and robot
  • interfacing the solenoid valves
  • programming the Fanuc RoboDrill
  • Cycle time: 15 minutes 
  • Floor space: 7.25 mq (c21 + robodrill)
  • Useful loading surface: 0.6mq
  • Machine weight: 268 Kg

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the RoboFeed Team. Your support played a pivotal role in successfully integrating RoboFeed C21 into our production process. We appreciate the dedication, expertise, and reliability you showcased throughout the entire operation. Your professionalism shines through, and we commend your exceptional efficiency and meticulous attention to detail. Once again, thank you for your outstanding support.

P. Allori - CEO Microtools

Conclusione: un successo di collaborazione

Upon integrating the RoboFeed C21, Microtools noticed a significant improvement in its production processes. This bespoke solution has exceeded expectations, demonstrating how intelligent automation can revolutionise metalworking processes. To learn more about how RoboFeed C21 can optimise your production, contact us for advice and support.

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M.G. - CEO