Applications of Robofeed in Industry

The impact of robots in industrial settings: a technological revolution

The rise of artificial intelligence is propelling us towards a new industrial revolution, often referred to as Industry 5.0. This epoch-making change builds on the groundwork laid by Industry 4.0 and by the use of robotic systems (robots, cobots or collaborative robots) in the production chain. These systems have brought significant advantages, such as enhanced process flexibility, sustained profitability and increased competitiveness in the market. Downtime has been drastically reduced, leading to fewer production stoppages, as well as a marked decrease in workplace accidents and strenuous operations. This evolution has also resulted in a growing demand for specialised personnel with advanced technical and mechanical qualifications and skills.

Applications and benefits of Robofeed in industry

With a view to achieving complete optimisation, Robofeed, a line of highly technological robotic cells developed by Assistec’s forward-thinking business unit, has been the preferred solution for many Italian companies seeking efficient CNC machine tool servicing. Robofeed consistently delivers outstanding results in terms of both cost-effectiveness and performance. Offering a wide range of solutions, Robofeed has quickly established itself in the Italian market as a valued technological partner for various applications, including metalworking, and rubber or plastic production. Robofeed Serie A, Robofeed Serie S, Robofeed C20, Robofeed A30, Robofeed A31 e Robofeed FLEXI: there is a model to meet any need, ensuring guaranteed benefits. Companies that have chosen to integrate Assistec-manufactured robot cells into their CNC machine tool fleet have immediately seen a boost in sales and a decrease in inventory, resulting in more workspace. Additionally, they also benefit from the control of multiple CNC machines, leading to lower labour costs.

Successful case history: Torneria Gambelli

Torneria Gambelli is a historic company from the Marche region in Italy that has been operating in the field of small turned metal parts for more than three decades. The decision to integrate RoboFeed A30 into its machine shop stemmed from a quest to increase its competitiveness within the market and optimise the overall efficiency of its production cycle. After an initial meeting with the customer, the Assistec technical team decided to proceed with the customisation of the robotic cell in order to meet all the objectives set. RoboFeed A30 is a Plug&Play solution comprising a tower magazine and a FANUC M10ld/12 anthropomorphic robot. A number of additional accessories were added for Torneria Gambelli, including a workpiece phasing station, tilting station and deburring station.

Successful case history: Italtronic s.r.l.

Italtronic is a leading manufacturer of plastic components for the electronics industry. The company’s decision to integrate a RoboFeed model into its machine fleet was motivated by the need to increase its market competitiveness and optimise the production efficiency of a new 5-axis CNC machine tool. In order to meet Italtronic’s specific needs, we opted for a Robofeed A20. This Plug&Play solution consists of one or more extractable tower drawers and a FANUC M10ld/12 anthropomorphic robot, to which were added several accessories, such as a workpiece requalification station, a Cognex 2800 IN-SIGHT 2D Vision Station, a blowing station with deionisation and brushes along with four custom-designed drawer cabinets.

What lies ahead for Robofeed in CNC machine servicing?

The Robofeed story does not end here. Recent integrations demonstrate Assistec’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its line of robot systems, even with custom solutions. We offer customers more than two decades of expertise and know-how in technical and mechanical assistance as well as system integration to design, manufacture and install automation for CNC machine tools, enabling the fulfilment of Industry 4.0 and smart factory objectives. Our specialised technicians excel in CNC machine servicing, as well as in the handling of workpieces and tools.

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