Bin Picking: the new Robofeed 3D viewer for custom-made solutions

3D vision for customised high-performance solutions

Over the past fifteen years, there has been a major technological breakthrough in industrial automation and CNC machine tool servicing: Bin Picking. A detection system with 3D viewer that enables a robotic arm to efficiently and accurately pick objects in bulk from a container and transfer them to a storage station, a depot selected by the customer or machining cycles.

Bin picking was developed to address a number of practical challenges encountered on assembly lines, such as palletising workpieces, minimising physical exertion for operators during CNC machine loading and unloading and reducing handling times. It has rapidly become an indispensable technology in modern smart factories.

Advantages of Bin Picking

Today, the use of 3D sensors in Bin Picking technologies enables highly accurate 3D imaging of the pieces to be picked, resulting in enhanced performance in terms of both speed and precision during the picking operation. This inevitably brings a slew of advantages to companies, including:

  • Greater precision in palletising operations;

  • Reduced working times;
  • Lower labour costs;
  • Continuous and uninterrupted operation (even in unmanned cycles);
  • Safety photo-electric barriers that halt the work cycle upon detecting human presence;

  • INDUSTRY 4.0” ready solution;
  • Compact cells;

  • High precision of the Robot when entering and exiting the bin, thanks to software that suggests all the paths to be taken;

  • Possibility of having multiple bins with bulk parts, even of different types, with only one 3D vision system. The robot will automatically move to the next bin once the first one has been emptied, without operator intervention;

  • Beam sensors that can detect various types of bins, including those made of wood, plastic, iron, etc.;

  • Multiple possibilities of use of the picked piece, including palletising, sending to the processing phase and handling.

Advanced technologies for your company

Keep up with the new objectives of Industry 4.0! Rely on the expertise of Assistec’s technicians to optimise your production cycle and provide the appropriate robotic support for your machines. Over the years, we have developed specialised knowledge in industrial robotics and automation, leading to the creation of the Robofeed family (link to section), a range of high-performance and innovative robotic cells.

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