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Have you been told that investing in automated servicing robots for CNC machine tools is costly? Instead of relying on “hearsay,” find out for yourself how much it really pays off! Assistec and FANUC help their customers in accurately assessing the return on investment for automated servicing robots through the use of a ROI-Calculator, an innovative free webApp developed by Fanuc in collaboration with the University of Brescia, which provides a highly reliable estimate.

Advantages of the ROI-Calculator

The ROI Calculator is a exceptional technological innovation designed for smart factories that want to invest in Industry 4.0. It offers multiple advantages:

It is free and does not require any subscriptions or software downloads;
It is easy to use since it has a digital guide that walks users through the construction of the simulation;
It is fast. On average, a simulation takes no more than 10 minutes, even for less experienced users;
It is accurate. The algorithm, developed with the combined knowledge and expertise of FANUC and UniBS, produces an estimate that is very close to the real outcome.

How the ROI-Calculator Works

The ROI-Calculator is extremely simple to use because it is webApp designed to be intuitive and easily accessible, even for users with limited experience. To get an estimate on the investment in robotic and automated cells for your company, just follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Process definition: the user selects the type of application and specifies its key parameters;
  2. Scenario construction: the user enters a set of technical parameters that characterise the scenario to be analysed;
  3. OPEX forecast: demonstrates the potential increase in productivity and profitability (TCO) of the user’s machine tool when accompanied by a robot;
  4. CAPEX forecast: the user enters their own financial data to simulate the CAPEX forecast (depreciation, interest rates, etc.);
  5. Economic indices: provides economic and financial investment indices (PBT, IRR, ROI, NPV) for a quick preliminary assessment.

Trust Us!

With more than two decades of experience, Assistec has established itself as a leading provider of mechanical and electronic assistance for machine tools. Its expertise is exclusively dedicated to designing and developing Robofeed robotic solutions tailored to companies. It offers anthropomorphic arms, robotic cells, robotic tower magazines, mobile robotic cells and much more!

Do you want to invest in Industry 4.0? Contact us (link to form) or phone us at 0522 989436. Alternatively, you can come to our factory located in Reggio Emilia, which is at the centre of the Italian mechanical engineering industry. We will assist you in gaining access to the services provided by the ROI-Calculator, so that you can obtain the most accurate estimate of the return on your investment for your automated systems.


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